Energize Your Run

Get what you give

Before even putting on the Brooks Levitate I knew that it would be an appropriate fit for my foot. I have a really straight foot and Brooks is known for some of the best-fitting straight-lasted shoes. The 3D Fit Print design possesses the ability to snug up my foot nicely into the shoe. It provides that snugness without over compressing anywhere, even when my forefoot is fully flexed out at the bottom of my stride.
The pounding sensation of road running tends to be an issue for me. I usually prefer softer trails instead. The Levitate however has noticeable energy return that softens the jarring impacts of each stride thanks to the DNA Amp Midsole. The midsole is comprised of polyurethane that’s wrapped in a TPU skin. This non-Newtonian technology allows the midsole to adapt to the specific force being applied to it. Simply put: the shoe responds to your unique speed, weight, gait, and environment to give you ideal energy return. The DNA Midsole also allows the shoe to move across the ground quickly. This really helps keep my pace moving forward, as there is more efficient energy transfer. It’s aided by a series of flexible “arrows” in the rounded heel pocket to make the transitions from heel to toe smooth and natural.
Brooks takes running and technology seriously. Click the image to learn more about 3D Fit Print, DNA Midsole, and more that makes Brooks stand apart.


The Levitate is an excellent new offering from Brooks. It will treat you well during short runs or longer distance pursuits.


Written and reviewed by Dan Haarman