Things are Heating Up!

Moji specializes in therapeutic massage tools to help muscles recover faster after any number activities. Moji recently released an assortment of “heat” balls and rollers that help target, warm, and loosen tight muscles. The Moji Heat Roller is particularly great recovery tool and takes the place of standard foam rollers.

I started using the Moji Heat Roller this winter after ski outings, and found it far more effective than traditional rollers. This roller becomes a totally unique tool after only a few minutes in the microwave. The roller will stay warm for at least a couple hours; it’s unlikely you’ll have to re-heat during each use.

This spring I’ve been using the Moji Heat Roller after running and have found it to be a great training tool. The warming effect is a real plus after getting caught in a cold rain/snow mix. The recovery effects are quite noticeable and have allowed me to get out for more consecutive runs before taking a day off. Last spring I had to take a rest day more frequently.

I’ve used my Moji Heat Roller a couple times as a simple warming device for a gym bag or ski pack that spends a day in a cold car. I’ll put the separated roller in a gym or ski bag to help keep clothing, ski boots, or running shoes warm until I’m ready to use them.

The two part design is especially handy for travel, and the roller can be still be used as a standard roller.


Written and reviewed by Scott O’Brien