Suunto Traverse

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Curiosity drives us to seek out and discover new places, but it’s the confidence of finding our way that encourages us to step off the beaten track. Topographic maps in Movescount and the integrated GPS and GLONASS navigation of Suunto Traverse help you plan your hikes and find your way in the wild. The automatic breadcrumb of your track ensures you can re-trace your steps when needed. The strong build and powerful battery of Suunto Traverse keep you exploring hour after hour.

Product highlights

  • Find your way with integrated GPS navigation
  • Up to 100 hours battery life, sunset/sunrise times and storm alarm
  • Made in Finland








Track Your Adventures with

Suunto GPS Watches allow you to record an event (called a move) and upload them to their free MovesCount Website. The watch will record many details about the event, including: time, time spent ascending, time spent descending, average speed, max speed, altitude, and many others. This watch can keep track of your treks, climbs, bike rides, and other outdoor adventures. If you like to keep track of your adventures for serious data crunching or just reminiscing about great days out, MovesCount is your new friend!


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