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The Speedgoat 2

Running trails around the Jackson area can be technically challenging. Steep grades, long
sidehills, loose dry scraggly dirt, and plenty of rock.

The Speedgoat 2 has been redesigned this year to handle all types of technical terrain.
With 32mm of heal cushioning and 27.5 mm of cushioning under the forefoot the shoe is
excellent for quick runs up Snow King as well as much longer pursuits in the Tetons.

With a 4.5mm drop the heel nicely absorbs the hard impact of long technical descents.
Coupled with the forefoot cushioning it cruises over technical terrain, while providing a
smooth ride from top to bottom.

The sole has been uniquely designed to cradle the foot inside the shoe. This provides some
much-needed sidewall to hold you in laterally on long side hills and around tight
downhill cornering. The outer sole has a nice heavy lug using Vibram Megagrip Rubber.
This provides great traction on loose dry scraggly dirt and rock.

The overall fit and feel has been improved as well. The mid foot has widened to create an
overall better fit, and adds needed stability for some good trail work. It also helps to open
the toe box slightly for increased forefoot flection.

With built in rocker the shoe is capable of improving cadence too. With a healthy mid
foot strike you roll tight into the rocker, turning the shoe over with very little effort.
Newer more modern materials keep the Speedgoat 2 light and nimble underfoot.

With all of these adjustments Hoka has improved upon an already favorite trail runner.