Go Go Gadget: Garmin Vivoactive 3

Fitness tracking gadgets have become a valuable tool in helping us reach our fitness goals. By tracking our daily activity, these devices give us a glimpse of our daily fitness.

GPS watches give us a more sophisticated range of sensors that are invaluable when it comes to pursuits in the mountains. Distance, speed, and elevation gain/loss add some beautiful metrics, but often at a much steeper price.

Enter Garmin with the Vivoactive 3. The Vivoactive 3 finds a balanced blend of fitness tracking and GPS sophistication. This watch has all of the essentials of a fitness tracker. It then adds the instrumentation found in mountaineering watches. Metrics such as GPS, barometric altimeter, compass, and thermometer measurements are invaluable while in the backcountry.

A responsive touchscreen and a sideswipe sensor handle the functionality beautifully. Built into the watch’s software is the ability to capture metrics for over 15 preloaded sports. This includes activities like yoga, running, skiing, swimming and cycling. All can be recorded while still maintaining daily fitness tracking.

The build is robust and modern, and the internal design finds an excellent balance between simple daily fitness tracking and sporting pursuits extremely well. All of this at a reasonable price, elegant aesthetic, and ease of use make this a no-brainer addition to your fitness routine.