Buyers Guide: Rain Jackets

Buyers Guide: Rain Jackets

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This week flash flood warnings are popping up all over the weather pages but, don’t feel bad if you've found yourself caught in the rain, we can help.

What’s waterproof and what’s not? You can be sure something is waterproof by looking at the seams. If the seams are seam taped, rest assured, you will stay dry. If something says it is “DWR” treated, it means that it has been treated with a durable water repellent, this does not mean you will always stay dry but it will fend off a light mist, drizzle, or shower. Team DWR up with seam taping and you’re good to go.

We want you to stay dry, so let’s talk our selection of 100% waterproof jackets.

For the light traveler

Patagonia: Alpine Houdini

The Alpine Houdini is the perfect rain protection for a Jackson local. It packs into one of it's own pocket and won't take up any space in the bottom of your backpack, purse, or hydration belt. Weighting in at 4.9 oz for the women's version and 5.4 oz for the male's, it's a rain jacket you won't even notice is there, until you need it.

Marmot: Mica

Men's Only

The Marmot Mica is minimalistic because after all, you just want to stay dry. It weights in at 7oz's and similarly to the Alpine Houdini will pack into it's own pocket to stay out of your way unless you need it.

Marmot: Crystalline

Women Only

The Crystalline is a great minimalistic option for women, packing into it's own pocket and with minimal "extra" features it weights in at 6.2 oz's. Whether you're on a long backpacking trip or decide to throw it in your suitcase last minute, it will be there for you when the flash flood comes.

Features for everyday

Marmot: Precip

A great around town, everyday piece. With extra features like, all the pockets you could ever want, pit zips so even when it's a summer shower you won't over heat and velcro cuffs. It's not going to be the lightest, or the most packable -- but it will keep you dry and last forever.

Patagonia: Torrentshell

The real deal if it's down pouring. Features include a easily adjustable hood that also folds and stows in the collar of the jacket, pockets galore and pit zips. Another durable everyday option.

On the run

Marmot: Essence

Women Only

The essence is another minimalistic jacket weighting in at 5.8oz. If you are a runner, speed ascender or move quickly on the trails this is the one for you ladies. With great ventilation and ample water protection it's a go to for athletes. Note- minimalistic and light due to lack of features with only 1 zipper pocket.

Bottom line is: all of these jackets will keep you dry but it really comes down to what you're up to. Not all of us run to the top of the Grand (guys, I'd go with the Alpine Houdini and ladies the Marmot Essence). Some of us just want to make it from the office to happy hour (Marmot Precip or the Patagonia Torrentshell) and then there is the optimistic traveler who hopes they don't have to use it, but keeps it at the bottom of their bag. (Alpine Houdini, Marmot Mica or Crystalline).

Come on in to the shop and try one on today, we promise you won't regret it next time that 5pm shower comes around.