Escalate Your Training


Altra is known for making shoes which feature their CORE THREE. These three proprietary technologies work together to increase alignment, stability, and ensure proper fit. ZeroDrop puts your heel and forefoot the same distance from the ground and gives the runner consistent cushioning toe-to-heel. FootShape is the name Altra has given their wider-than-standard toe boxes. This feature allows toes to spread naturally in order to boost stability while running. Finally, FIT4HER describes the customized fit of all women’s shoes from Altra. This last technology was pivotal for me when searching for a road running shoe and ultimately deciding on the Escalante.




The Escalante is a great option for someone looking for a minimalist road shoe. This shoe can used for short training runs and longer distances. It has a sock-like fit thanks to the knitted upper and just the right amount of cushion and spring. Weighing just 6.5 oz, the Escalante has become my go-to pick when I want a shoe that is lightweight and provides enough support. The toe box is wide, but the heel cup tightly wraps around my foot. I never worry about slipping out of the shoe.






The Altra Escalante is the perfect “athleisure” shoe that you can wear across various facets of your life. The Escalante will keep your feet comfortable for the entire day whether training for a race or grabbing a coffee. I find that when I am running in the Escalante I am pain free and the comfort makes me want to run longer!















Written and reviewed by Sydney Zoeckler