Arc’teryx Acrux FL Review

ArcAmphi#1After spending some time on the trail and rocks with the Acrux Fl from Arc’teryx, the shoe unveiled itself to be excellent on a few different fronts.

As an approach shoe it’s a standout. The upper is comprised of polyurethane coated nylon yarns, then layered with two coats of thermoplastic polyurethane film. This laminate proved to protect my feet extremely well. I liken it to having my foot surrounded by a bumper, just dinging off of rock like it’s barely there. The film adds a high layer of abrasion resistance keeping the shoe itself well protected.

The midsole is comprised of injected EVA providing solid stability with high impact resistance. I found this platform to be a nice and solid while jamming and climbing rock. The Vibram Megagrip outsole has a nice clean edging zone that provided reliable hold on almost any surface. The toe box is very well protected with a solid rubber bumper never leaving my foot feeling pinched but only well protected.

As a hiking shoe the Acrux has some solid benefits as well. The stacked EVA in the heel provided a nice degree of cushioning for those long descents. The spherical heal shape allowed for the best braking I’ve ever had in a shoe. The Vibram Megagrip compound excels on the trail as well providing solid hold on loose and dry gravel. This is a stiff shoe, and the upper construction does such a nice job holding you in laterally that I wouldn’t hesitate to use this shoe for backpacking as well.

The Acrux Fl is a well-rounded approach and hiking shoe. The one-piece laminated upper is completely seamless providing one of the cleanest feeling shoes I’ve ever worn. The stretch monomesh Adaptive Fit liner forms to the foot for an exceptional fit with no pressure points. Highly air permeable, it delivers the ventilation required for long days in warm, dry conditions.

Review and photography by Dan Haarman


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