Altra Superior 3.0 Women’s Review

altra-womens-superior-3-charcoal-blue-1Unlike most people in the Valley, I put more time and effort into finding the perfect trail shoe than I do trying to find the perfect ski boot. A few years back the search finally came to a close and every spring all I have to is pick a new color of the Altra Women’s Superior. As a female this is nearly impossible, but I pulled through and went with Charcoal Blue.


You are missing out if you have not had the pleasure of slipping on a pair of Altra Superior trail shoes. Personally, I love a light weight shoe, but for those looking for more cushion Altra offers the LonePeak 3.0 and Olympus 2.5. The Altra Women’s Superior is a low profile and lightweight trail shoe, but can be worn hiking and backpacking too(I keep mine from past seasons to wear while I chores outside). Altra is know for Zero Drop™ which positions your heel and forefoot the same distance from the ground, which can take a little time to get used to, but once you have made the change there is no going back. The Zero Drop™ allows for less impact and helps create a natural ride. I love the it for the added balance!


The same can be said for Altra’s signature FootShape™ Toe Box. When I first tried the Superior two years ago it felt as if my toes were swimming as I walked around the store. However, as soon as I hit the trails my toes had plenty of room to splay out naturally on the climb as well as the downhill. Once you have made the transition to the FootShape™ Toe Box your toes will feel cramped in any other trail shoe. This year the Superior 3.0 has added Fit4Her™ technology to the Women’s Superior. Fit4Her™ matches the average shape of the female foot more closely and adds support where women need it most. Just another way Altra has mastered the natural shape of our feet in order to help our running form. Yay Ladies!!


I was a little cautious setting out for a training run this weekend, since my Superior 3.0 trail shoes are brand new. My worries quickly faded away as I climbed up the steep trail and and as soon as I hit a flatter section I was flying. I finished up my run with a steeper descent and my toes had plenty of room to take on their natural position. With the combination of Zero Drop™, FootShape™ Toe Box, and the new Fit4Her™ technology my feet will be able to put in more miles and I will be able to enjoy the benefits of a lightweight shoe.
By: Katie Chapman

Katie is an avid trail runner and racer, and a Skinny Skis ambassador