Altra Lone Peak 3.5

“Best version yet”


I was recently searching for a new pair of trail running shoes. The versatility of the Lone Peak 3.5 really took me by surprise. They’re designed as a rugged trail running shoe, however the design of the Lone Peak bridges the gap between a true trail shoe and a straight-forward road shoe. The feature that set them apart for me was the level of overall comfort. They’re more cushioned than many road-specific shoes I’ve previously owned; as a result I’ve logged more miles with them on the pathways than on the trails.



Altra has pioneered comfort technology in trail shoes with the development of FootShape™. This proprietary design allows feet to spread naturally and increases stability while running. The roomier toe box decreases pressure on the foot that can lead to issues such as bunions, plantar fasciitis, and hammertoes.


This year’s design features the MaxTrac™ outsole for added grip. The new StoneGuard™ layer offers added protection for your feet when the trail gets rough. These technologies increase durability and protection, so you can keep going when the going gets tough.













I recommend the Lone Peak for those a seeking a well-cushioned, versatile trail running shoe.


Written and reviewed by Phil Leeds